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Qisda IR Calendar of Announcements

This calendar is subject to change during the year as dates are adjusted*
*Note: All dates based on Taiwan time

Monthly Sales will be announced on/before the 10th of every month

Earning Results Announcements:

Earning Results Announcement Date Location

Year 2011 2nd Quarter Results

August 30, 2011 (Thu) Taipei, Taiwan

Year 2011 1st Quarter Results

April 28, 2011 (Thu) Taipei, Taiwan

Year 2010 4th Quarter Results

March 3, 2011 (Thu) Taipei, Taiwan

Year 2010 3rd Quarter Results

October 28 , 2010 (Thu) Taipei, Taiwan

Year 2010 2nd Quarter Results

August 27 , 2010 (Fri) Taipei, Taiwan

Year 2010 1st Quarter Results

April 28 , 2010 (Wed) Taipei, Taiwan

*Note: Qisda had terminated the quarterly investors conference since the 3rd quarter of 2011. If you would like to access the quarterly earning results, please visit Presentation Materials.


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