Honorary Chairman

K.Y. Lee

K.Y. Lee is presently the Honorary Chairperson of Qisda Corporation K.Y. Lee joined Acer in December 1976, three months after the company’s establishment. Over the past years, he has served in numerous roles and positions of the company, including R&D, manufacturing, marketing and strategy planning, etc., and was promoted to Vice President of Acer. In 1991, K.Y. Lee transferred from Acer to BenQ Computer and became the President of BenQ Computer. In 2000, BenQ changed its company name to BenQ Corporation, and under K.Y. Lee’s leadership, BenQ successfully transformed from computer peripheral product manufacturing to the consumer electronics technology field of communication integration, optics and digital media. In 2001, BenQ announced its own brand “BenQ” based on the philosophy of “Enjoy Pleasant Technology” and officially entered the field of digital consumer products. In 2007, K.Y. Lee further led the division of the BenQ branded service and OEM manufacturing business, allowing the two main core competitive strengths of branded services/manufacturing technology to focus on their own business development and to continue growing. As a result, Qisda Corporation (formerly BenQ Corporation) has developed into a comprehensive electronic integration manufacturing company. Under the strategic planning of K.Y. Lee, since 1997, Qisda has developed into the BenQ AUO Group with 11 independently operating companies, thereby taking control of key components and resource sharing through a collaboration model of horizontal integration and vertical separation.. Of these companies, AUO (formerly Acer Display Technology) established in 1997, has become one of the top 3 main LCD panel manufacturers in the world and is currently closely collaborating with Qisda in order to provide comprehensive services to customers. Other group companies include Darfon Electronics, BenQ Materials, BenQ Guru, Darwin Precisions, Daxin Materials, Raydium Semiconductor and BenQ Hospital, etc. K.Y. Lee graduated from the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National Taiwan University, in 1974, and also acquired an MBA degree from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD).