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Qisda, established in 1984, is a global technology corporate group with businesses spanning across IT, healthcare, smart solutions, networking and communication. Qisda has been ranked as one of the “Top 100 Global Tech Leaders” by Thomson Reuters, named among the “Best Companies to Work For in Asia” by HR Asia, and awarded the “The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporates” by the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. Qisda is also a world-leading provider of LCD monitors and projectors. The Company owns two large general hospitals and stretches across the business of medical devices and channels. In terms of smart solutions, we provide automation and smart solutions in six primary fields, including smart enterprises, smart retail, and smart factories. We also provide a complete 5G enterprise private network, wired and wireless broadband product design, and integrated maintenance services.

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Happy Workplace
Qisda Corporation offers the most comprehensive salary and welfare system, and also frequently organizes diverse and rich employee activities to assist employees to find a balance between work and life.
Learning Organization
BenQ Qisda Group is dedicated to establishing a learning organization and planning learning development structures and resources in various areas according to the core competitiveness of the Company. We believe that the overall growth of partners and employees is essential to the growth of the Company.



We are committed to contributing to society and implementing sustainable operation strategies

Qisda believes that the purpose of corporate existence is to create value, and that positive influence can only be exerted by contributing to human society with sustainable value.

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