Innovative and Diverse Product Design Capability

Innovative design, diverse product lines, covering technology and electronic products such as consumer electronics, commercial, medical, and industrial applications.

High-end gaming monitors
Artificial kidneys
Medical robots
(drug safety, dragging, sterilization)
4K laser engineering projectors
Ultrasonic scanners
5G small base stations
Thermal measurement instruments
Digital dentistry
Intraoral scanners
Network servers


Profound Technical Strength

Technical strength in nine categories: automotive electronics, display technology, LED lighting, industrial automation, wireless broadband, fixed broadband, optics, medical technology, and imaging technology.

Automotive electronics
  • Automotive wireless modules
  • Automotive V2X modules
  • Automotive radar modules
  • Automotive display modules
Display technology
  • Accuracy color management
  • Key component design:
  • LCD backlight/hinge/tooling
  • Metal stamping/Plastic injection
  • Gaming-related technology
LED lighting
  • Premium ID design
  • Optical design and thermal management for solid-state lighting
Industrial automation
  • Moving mechanism
  • Opto-electronics system
  • Automation
Wireless broadband
  • 4G/5G RAN & CPE
  • Wi-Fi 6 Router & Mesh
  • AloT Gateways
Fixed broadband
  • Fronthaul & High Speed Switch
  • Small Cell Gateway/Router
  • OLT/HPC Server
  • Optical lens
  • Optical engine
Medical technology
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Minimally Invasive and Monitoring
  • IOS intraoral Scan
  • Hemodialysis
Imaging technology
  • High-precision color tuning
  • High-resolution imaging technology
  • HDR imaging technology


Global manufacturing

The manufacturing sites of Qisda are located in Suzhou, Taoyuan and Vietnam. Qisda is equipped with high-quality and flexible global manufacturing capability and provides diverse services for ODM or OEM, economic scale manufacturing or small-volume and large-variety production, etc., to satisfy supply demands for global or local customers. In addition, Qisda has established R&D centers in Taoyuan, and Suzhou, and also established service offices in Japan, Singapore and the US, to service local customers and to satisfy customer needs.



Vertical Integration

Through the Group’s comprehensive planning and integration of the Group’s LCD, LED, touch control, IC design, chemical materials, solar energy, network communication, medical services, IoT and system integration, etc., the Group is able to achieve the advantages of vertical integration.

Integrated Design and Manufacturing

  • One-stop services from product appearance design, mechanical and electrical engineering to manufacturing.
  • Mechanical and panel integration design capability.
  • Providing one-stop services for tooling, injection and surface treatment, to enhance the mechanical design and mold development of products and reduce development time.


Industrial Design Capability

Qisda has established its own design team with outstanding R&D capabilities. Since 2002, we have received more than 300 international design awards, including the German iF, iF China, German Red Dot, US IDEA, and Japan G-mark design awards. Qisda’s industrial design capabilities are well recognized internationally.


ISO 9001

ISO 13485


ISO 14001

ISO 14064-1

ISO 27001

ISO 45001

ISO 50001

SA 8000

IATF 16949

IECQQC 080000

ESD S20.20