Group Introduction

Cross-Industry Grand Fleet

Qisda Group is equipped with an integrated cross-industry value chain and leading key technologies. Through the vertical division of labor and horizontal integration, the Group achieves the most optimal synergy and provides key components, product manufacturing, system development and integration services to the global market. Technology and product application coverage: Display products, energy solutions , fine chemical industry and advanced materials, LED lighting, IC design, precision components, consumer electronics, commercial and industrial solutions, product sale and service, etc. The Group values the realization of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life” with technology and is committed to bringing better life to the world, to create value for enterprises, and to achieve sustainable operations.


Group Synergy

Qisda’s grand fleet enhances value transformation plans and assists partners to achieve and break through objectives. Through managing key components and strengthening technology and system integration, we provide solutions and channel services for the vertical integration of the upstream, midstream and downstream, in order to achieve effective integration in the fields of IT business, medical business, smart solutions, networking and communication business, and key components, thereby accelerating the Group’s synergy effect.

Group Members

  • IT Business
  • Medical Business
  • Smart Solutions
  • Networking Business
  • Key Components