Sustainability Commitment and Strategy

Qisda believes that the purpose of corporate existence is to create value, and that positive influence can only be exerted by contributing to human society with sustainable value. The objective of sustainable operation is to pursue such long-lasting value. To become an enterprise with an extensive cumulation of results and capable of overcoming challenges over time, we believe that it is imperative to integrate a historical view and cultural perspective into the corporate management model, and we also value “integrity” as the highest moral principle for corporate management.


Recyclable waste rate was
Water consumption lowered 58% for each million US dollar value (compared with that in 2009)
Electricity consumption increased 25% for each million US dollar value (compared with that in 2009)
  • Average energy-saving of production line was 30.47%, reduction in volume 30.73%, carbon reduction 33.59%, ecological benefits increased 44.83% (compared with that in 2015)
  • Disabled injury severity rate (DISR) reduced 82%,Disabled Injury Frequency Rate (DIFR) reduced 85%, (compared with that in 2009)
  • 0 Leakage of Materials & Non-Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
  • Qisda Twin-Star factory received again Green Factory certificate from Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of MOEA


Average customer satisfaction score reached
Average activity satisfaction rate reached (Maximum 5)
Average employee training hours reached
  • In 2021, First win as Global Best Companies to Work For
  • Win Best Companies to Work For in HR Asia 3 years in a row
  • Local purchase proportion of China reached 73.7%
  • Key supplier social responsibility and environmental safety hygiene paper investigation and on-site audit completion rate reached 96%
  • 1142 Hours of employee participation of charitable events
  • In 2021, BenQ Foundation created around NT$2.26 million economic revenues for remote areas
  • 2021, more than 20 million spends on Friendly to Earth, Care for Society


Kit preparation rate reached
Outputs of DLP projectors
Outputs of LCD
  • Consolidated revenues increased 18% per year, which breaks the records 10 years continuously
  • 52 High-quality patent & 1 Industrial Design Awards
  • Awarded “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards: Decent Work and Economic Growth-Silver Awards, Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards: Education Quality- Bronze Awards, Platinum Award of Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry” in the category of Corporate Sustainability Reports from Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy

Awards and Recognition

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Taiwan Top 100 Sustainable Model Enterprise Award
Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE)
Corporate Sustainability Report - Golden Award
Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE)
Taiwan Sustainable Action Award
Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE)
Best Companies to Work For in Asia
HR Asia

Sustainability Report

The information disclosure of the report is based on sustainability topics, management strategies, goals, current status and future directions. To better respond to topics that have the attention of stakeholders, Qisda specifically plans a website for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Besides presenting excerpts of the results of Qisda’s endeavors in various areas of CSR in the latest year, the CSR reports of previous years are available for download or search at the website: