GM, Networking and Communication Business Group

April Huang

April Huang is currently the President of the Network Communication Business Unit in charge of the planning and development of the network communication business of Qisda Group, in order to provide integrated wired and wireless network and comprehensive broadband network services to customers. April Huang started her employment in Japan. After joining Qisda, she was responsible for the CRT monitor business in Japan and established a branch company in Japan in 1996, making remarkable contributions to the business and sales performance. In 2000, she assumed the position of Marketing and Sales Director for LCD monitors and successfully turned the business of the product line from loss to profit in a short time. In 2003, she further assumed a position in the Projector Business Unit. Under her active and open-minded leadership with attention to detail, she was able to adjust the structure of the projector business. Under her leadership, the global market share of projectors has increased significantly. In 2010, she continued to assume positions and take up responsibilities for the full product lines of the commercial department and automotive department. In 2015, she also managed the mobile phone department, transforming the department’s business to focus on the core technology of IoT. Starting her career as a sales specialist, April Huang continues to value work as her own business for management, using her exceptional management experience and active attitude to reach the predefined goals. In 2020, she assumed the position of President of the Network Communication Business Unit of Qisda and Chairperson of Alpha Networks Inc., a Qisda subsidiary. Since 2021, she also serves as Chairperson of Hitron Technologies, dedicated to the promotion of 5G networking business development. April Huang graduated from the Department of Economics, National Taiwan University, has an EMBA degree from National Taiwan University.