GM, Manufacturing Operations & Managing Director of Qisda China

Eric Lee

Eric Lee is currently General Manager of Manufacturing Operations & Managing Director of Qisda China. Eric Lee joined BenQ Group in 1991. He was an expatriate to Suzhou in 1999, serving as the Engineering Department Manager and Deputy Plant Manager of an optoelectronics factory. Due to his outstanding performance, Eric Lee was promoted to Plant Manager of the display factory in 2005, General Plant Manager in 2011, and General Manager of Qisda Suzhou in 2022. With years of dedication in the manufacturing sector, he has accumulated rich industry experience. Eric Lee has led Qisda's manufacturing teams with innovative thinking, introducing new product simultaneous engineering to improve product yield and ensure production quality. Facing challenges such as continuous increases in labor costs and product diversification, he implemented strategies such as mini line, Just-in-Time (JIT) production, and Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) to achieve lean production and significantly enhance competitiveness. Eric Lee has also driven data digitization, equipment automation, and management intelligence to establish smart factories. With a forward-looking perspective on global manufacturing. He has integrated manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, Vietnam, and Taiwan, seeking cost optimization and maximizing benefits. Eric Lee has an MBA from Western Pacific University in the USA.