CFO / Spokesperson

Jasmin Hung

Jasmin Hung is currently the Vice President of Finance, Group CFO and the spokesperson of Qisda Corporation. With extensive experience in financial management, corporate merger and communication skills, Jasmin leads the subsidiaries of Qisda Grand Fleet(Qisda Group), and manages the financial management of the fleet in order to effectively achieve Group growth. She has extensive experience in fund raising and coordinates the Group’s vision and strategy with early resource deployment and planning. She actively assists the subsidiaries in establishing new paths and is devoted to the cultivation of financial and accounting talent. Jasmin adopts a logical and systematic management method to optimize the financial management system. In recent years, she has further implemented numerous digital optimization projects, established a global fund strategy office, and managed global fund efficiency in order to achieve effective management and improve efficiency within a multi-nation, multi-location, multi-currency and multi-operation model. Since joining Qisda in 1997, Jasmin has participated in numerous financial projects, including the issuance of exchangeable bonds, issuance of global depository receipts, and numerous major syndicated loans. During her time as CFO of the subsidiary, she has further directed the first overseas factory establishment project. Her experience is rich and comprehensive. Jasmin Hung has an MBA from California State University, Fullerton, USA. And earned an EMBA Degree from National Taiwan University.