Joe Huang

Joe Huang is President of Qisda, effective on April 1, 2022. Under Joe’s leadership as General Manager of Information Technology Products Group, he optimized the product portfolio, opened up the high-end market of e-sports and professional display, achieved doubled revenue and shipments even when the demand of the display market remained constant at that time. He leads Qisda to become the second larger LCD display manufacturer in the world. In recent years, Joe has served as chairman of the subsidiaries, leading DataImage Corp., Simula Technology Inc., TopView Corp., etc. to create outstanding performance. He is good at exploring new product opportunities and emphasizing the execution of operating cost control, leading the subsidiaries to achieve historical success in earnings per share (EPS) and return on equity (ROE), enabling the subsidiaries to exert good operating results, and thus giving back to the investment performance of Qisda. He has more than 13 years of experience in supply chain management, 10 years in factory operation management, 5 years in brand operation, and even more than 10 years in business unit and product group management. In the past three years, he has implemented M&A growth strategies and served as chairman of subsidiaries. In addition, he has been stationed overseas for more than 10 years. Such rich and diverse qualifications and business performance make Joe the best candidate to lead Qisda's second stage of value transformation and accelerate value upgrade. Joe joined Acer Peripherals (formerly BenQ Corporation) in 1985. He has been in positions as quality control engineer, component engineer, sourcing engineer, all the way to the director of Malaysian factory and the deputy general manager of manufacturing in the mainland, responsible for management and operation. In 2005, Joe was transferred to BenQ China, and served as the head of China Operations, responsible for managing the China operation. During his tenure as the General Manager of Global Supply Chain Management Center, due to his effective stock control, during the financial crisis, Qisda was not affected by stock pressure and caused losses. From research and development, procurement, manufacturing, to the head of product group and the head of subsidiaries, Joe has a complete set of practical experience in manufacturing from scratch, and knows every aspect internally and externally, so as to open up new opportunities, lower costs, increase gross profit and create operations management performance. Joe Huang earned his MBA from Greenwich University, and an EMBA degree from Tsinghua University in China.