GM, Business Solutions Business Group

Joshua Tzen

Joshua Tzeng is currently General Manager of Business Solutions Business Group of Qisda Corporation. oshua Tzeng joined BenQ Group in 1995 and has served at conglomerates in Mexico, the United States, and mainland China. He has accumulated nearly fifteen years of overseas work experience. He possesses practical experience in overseas plant construction, establishing marketing service centers, market development, operating startups, and investments and mergers, along with rich international management experience and perspective. Joshua Tzeng currently serves as Chairman of Metaage, Ace Pillar and Aewin Technologies, Director of DFI and Partner Tech. In the fields of information technology, internet technology, cloud applications, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things Applications, Joshua Tzeng has over twenty years of diverse and extensive professional experience. In recent years, he has been dedicated to the digital transformation strategy development and planning in smart enterprises, smart healthcare, smart education, and other intelligent fields. He actively participates in the execution and implementation of smart solution projects at home and abroad. In the future, Joshua Tzeng will accelerate the integration of resources from the group to create the maximum value for customers and partners. Joshua Tzeng has a master's degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Taiwan University and holds certification in IT Strategy and Planning from Stanford University in the United States.