Co-General Manager, Medical Business Group

Spark Huang

Spark Huang was promoted to Co-General Manager of Qisda’s Medical Business Group on July 1, 2022. He is responsible for Qisda’s medical imaging and hemodialysis products, while leading the group in expanding its layout in Qisda’s medical business. Joining BenQ Group in 1992, Spark Huang was responsible for video product research and development, and served as the General Manager of the Display Business Department, Vice General Manager of Quality Management, Vice General Manager of the Medical Devices Products Group, and Person in Charge of the subsidiary of the Medical Business. From research and development, business marketing, and quality management to business management, Spark Huang has accumulated extensive management experience that spans functions, production lines, and industries. Spark Huang established BenQ Dialysis in 2014 serving as the General Manager. With his leadership, the operational efficiency and business development have strengthened, as the company’s growth has grown by over 50% every year. Using BenQ Dialysis as a base, Spark Huang developed the business of K2 International Medical, BenQ Biotech, Golden Spirit, and E-Strong Medical Technology. He is currently the President of BenQ Dialysis, and Chairman of Golden Spirit and E-Strong Medical Technology. Under Spark Huang’s leadership, the layout of Qisda’s dialysis business will be expanded and improved, as he is committed to increasing the visibility of Taiwan’s dialysis products worldwide. Spark Huang graduated from the Department of Applied Science, Tamkang University in 1986, and completed the Technology Management Program at the National Chengchi University in 2002.