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BenQ Qisda Group Wins the “HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia” for Four Consecutive Years

The BenQ Qisda Group has delivered exceptional results again, as it has won the “HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia” for the fourth consecutive year. Upholding the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) spirit, BenQ Qisda has not only built a happy workforce, it has also introduced an employee ownership trust (EOT) program. Through this program, the Group encourages employees to become shareholders and promotes the integration of the Group’s performance and employees' interests, while simultaneously looking after employees after they retire. Based on this premise, the Group once again stood out among the 330 other competitors with its efforts recognized for the fourth time.

"Qisda has continued to lay out its information, medical, smart solutions, and networking businesses through its fleet platform.  As a result, a stage has been provided for colleagues to have goals to overcome challenges and realize the shared business vision and dream. "said Mr. Joe Huang, Qisda’s President."To be able to win this award for four consecutive years is without a doubt an achievement earned by all colleagues, and we will continue to work hard toward becoming the best company to work for in the world. "

For example, we encourage employees to take part in the EOT program, and as we provide better rewards and more flexible systems than other companies, the participation rate of the program is nearly 90% since it took effect in 2020. As our employees work hard for the Group, its performance and results are is directly reflected in the stock prices and dividends. As a result of this, we have gradually formed a positive cycle by giving our employees real feedback.

The BenQ Qisda Group has a network of talented employees from all over the world. This year, its EOP program was also extended to its fleet members and foreign employees. This action has demonstrated its ambition with respect to the Group’s global talent retention program, thus moving toward becoming the best employer in the world. 

Upholding its philosophy of building a happy workforce, BenQ Qisda provides multiple protection, including employee insurance, a considerate leave system, excellent compensation and reward system, as well as a variety of subsidies from the employee's physical and mental care to diverse learning development of talent. The scores in the anonymous employee survey are far higher than the industry average, thereby showing that the Group’s efforts to nurture talent and build a sound workplace have been highly recognized by its colleagues.

During COVID-19, the Group provided diverse online and club activities, such as an online sports day and online lantern riddle quiz. By doing so, we enabled employees to continue to deliver results after recharging. As the health of employees is our top priority, we provided paid vaccination leave and vaccination insurance. Each year, we also encourage employees to innovate, so we organize many physical and online courses aimed to build up their professional competence. As one of the components of the Taiwan Top Salary 100 Index, we provide competitive remuneration.

The “HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia” is a survey conducted by HR Asia Magazine for companies in Asia. The award is the most authoritative award in the field of human resource management in Asia. HR Asia selects experts in relevant industries to form a Review Committee. Through each company’s survey reports, anonymous employee surveys, on-site visits and other means, the Review Committee evaluates the completeness and authenticity of a company's culture, environment, and welfare system to finally select brands that stand out in different areas.