With solid technologies and manufacturing capability, Qisda’s Subsidiary – Topview Optronics provides professional services for security surveillance integrated with smart IoT solutions to enterprises, consumers and OEM manufacturers.


Topview Optronics continues to innovate and develop intelligent video surveillance with the utilization of edge computing and AIoT smart application. It has developed products complying with the US NDAA regulations to satisfy the application demands of various industries. Professional application solutions are provided according to different demands, so that smarter and safer end-to-end security monitoring services can be achieved worldwide.

Smart Security Cameras
  • Compliance with the US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) regulations
  • Dual operating systems (Linux/Android) to increase the security protection to a comprehensive smart surveillance management level
  • Simple Operation, Easy Expansion
  • Compliance with the US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) standard
  • Cross-Platform AI NVR
Dual Linux/Android operating system and cross-platform product; professional imaging deep learning and intelligent analysis; flexible application of software development platform packages; professional high quality optical zoom lens module; automatic optical precision alignment equipment with intelligent detection analysis, thereby increasing product quality and efficiency. Continuous establishment of new automated precision systems and testing facilities, to ensure the high quality of products.
Dual OS
Multiple HW Platforms
Deep Learning VA
Platform Agnostic SDK
Optical Zoom Module
AA Optical Zoom Module
About Topview Optronics
  • An expert in security control + AIoT based on its core technology in visual images.
  • Extensive professional experience of more than 27 years in the industry, specialized in providing design and manufacturing services (ODM/JDM) to first-class international brand customers.
  • Providing a complete production line for imaging security control from the front-end computation to back-end management.
  • Manufactured in Taiwan and in compliance with US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) regulations.
  • First in the industry to launch the OSSA ecosystem AIoT IP camera in the world.

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