Since 2008, we have established BenQ Medical Centers in Nanjing and Suzhou. With our philosophy of providing a healthy life and physical and mental health, the goal of providing detailed information on medical care to people, and with passion for professional healthcare work and care for lives, we aim to provide holistic care and achieve comprehensive development in medical care, education and research.


BenQ Medical Center Holistic Care

  • Since 2008, BenQ Medical Centers have been established in Nanjing and Suzhou
  • China National Third-Level General Hospital, seeking perfection of human health care

Service Scope

  • Acute/chronic medical care, long-term care, health maintenance, medical and nursing education
  • Providing holistic care and comprehensive development in medical education and research
(Total of two medical centers)
(Total of two medical centers)
(Total of two medical centers)
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Million People / Year
Serviced(Total of two medical centers)
Million Outpatients/Year
(Total of two medical centers)
Nanjing BenQ Medical Center
Nanjing BenQ Medical Center is a third-level general hospital approved for establishment in China by the Ministry of Health, China, and established by BenQ Group based on the principles contributing to society and providing services to the general public. The hospital is established with first-level clinical departments for internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, Chinese medicine and emergencies, etc., and is also equipped with medical departments for examination, imaging, pathology and laboratories, high standard endoscopy center, intensive care unit (ICU), international healthcare, cardiology, radiation oncology, blood purification, and rehabilitation medical center, etc., in order to provide general medical services , including regular and special medical treatment, and health management. The hospital has 1 national-level key clinical specialty (thoracic surgery department), 2 provincial-level key clinical specialties (medical imaging department, urology surgery department), and 12 city-level key clinical specialties (urology surgery, dermatology, radiation, neurology, nephrology, general surgery, anesthesia, orthopedics, cardiology, rehabilitation, intensive care, otorhinolaryngology). Nanjing BenQ Medical Center is dedicated to the field of healthcare, technological research and teaching. The medical school-type hospital is established to become an international teaching hospital with high standards and characteristics.
Suzhou BenQ Medical Center
Suzhou BenQ Medical Center is a national third-level general hospital for foreign nationals approved for establishment by the National Health Commission and Ministry of Commerce, China. It is a JCI international certified hospital, and Suzhou BenQ International Medical Center. The hospital implements Taiwan’s medical management concept and diagnosis model, and focuses on medical quality and humanistic service. In 2020, the hospital passed the JCI international certification, and implements the “Patient Safety Culture-Centered” service principle throughout the entire medical process. The hospital has a team of medical experts with nearly a hundred people from Taiwan and Mainland China. The hospital has professional clinical departments for internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, emergencies, radiology, ultrasonography and pathology, etc., and also has six main medical centers – cardiovascular center, stroke center, trauma emergency center, minimal invasive center, oncology center, and women and children center – as well as a discipline group for first aid injuries, intensive care medicine and health management, etc. In May 2021, the hospital and Suzhou University jointly established the “Suzhou University BenQ Clinical Medicine Research Institute”. Through an innovative development model, and the advanced planning and industrial layout based on the principle of “integrating medical education and research”, a new path for the transformation of medical and health technology innovation and results complying with international standards has been established.


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