We focus on the development and manufacturing of high-quality, reliable and innovative medical and care products and solutions, in order to provide comprehensive medical equipment, advanced medical services and individualized care, thereby creating a great life for users.

About Qisda Medical Group

Qisda has for several years now extended its business deployment to the medical industry. The scope of deployment includes six main fields: medical equipment, medical consumables, hemodialysis, medical imaging, health care, and medical service. Qisda has also developed numerous different medical products. With the maximized advantages of the Group’s sharing of resources, development risks are reduced to a minimum, including key component purchasing and factory manufacturing. With the advantage of the synergy of resource integration and collaboration with the Group’s hospitals, the medical products we develop are able to satisfy the demands of the first line of medical users. Over the past years, the Group has accumulated extensive experience in manufacturing, agency and sale of numerous types of medical equipment and consumables, and has also promoted these to the global market.

Medical Equipment
We are specialized in the research and development, manufacturing and sale of medical operating lamps and integrated operating table and operating room solutions, and are fully recognized and trusted by customers for our complete after-sales service and innovative technologies.
  • BenQ Medical Technology
  • Eastech Co.
Medical Consumables
Agency and sale of various types of medical consumables, including medical consumables and protection supplies such as needle-free syringes, infusion and drainage supplies, and bags, etc. In addition , we are dedicated to the global medical production in order to provide products of high quality and high safety.
  • Lily Medical
We aim to provide quality dialysis related products and services to dialysis centers and hospitals worldwide, in order to assist dialysis patients to obtain better treatment experience and daily living quality.
  • BenQ Dialysis Technology
  • BenQ Biotech
  • K2 International Medical
  • Golden Spirit Group
Medical Imaging
We are specialized in the manufacturing, agency and sale of medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, ultrasonic imaging diagnostic scanners and medical displays for advancing on the global medical imaging market.
  • Qisda
  • Eastech Co.
We provide all-round health care, including medical masks, hearing aids, digital dental implant solutions, dental consumables, disinfectant and cosmeceutical products and equipment, in order to assist the general public to improve their lives based on the concepts of health and LOHAS.
  • BenQ Healthcare
  • New Best Hearing
  • BenQ AB DentCare
  • K2 International Medical
  • Heyue
  • Golden Spirit Group
Medical Service
We provide complete supporting services and medical equipment consumables to regional hospitals and specialized hospitals, in order to assist the construction of a complete community hospital system, so that high quality regional medical care can be provided to the general public.
  • Concord Medical


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