Qisda is the third largest projector manufacturer worldwide, and our DLP projectors are currently No. 2 in the global market share of projectors. We have manufacturing capabilities for the two major projection technologies, DLP and LCD.


Qisda is the top ODM projector manufacturer in the world, and we are also the first manufacturer with capabilities for mass producing LCD projectors in Taiwan. Projector products designed and manufactured by Qisda cover both the household and commercial fields. In terms of improvements in brightness and color control of projectors, as well as product features such as short-focus projection, we have a grasp of market trends and continue to optimize our products. Furthermore, we are also committed to continuous effort in environmental protection and sustainable development. The projector products of Qisda have obtained the first Projector PAS2050 carbon footprint certificate in the world in 2010. Our projector products are mainly classified into six categories: pocket, home entertainment, home theater, education, commercial, and exhibition.

Pocket Projectors
Compact and portable, and capable of protecting 60”~80” screens. Allowing friends and family members to enjoy a comfortable movie night by projecting images on a wall or ceiling in a dark room.
Home Entertainment Projectors
View movies, watch sports games, play video games, and share a joyful time with family members.
Home Theater Projectors
Big screen, high quality, high resolution, true colors, creating a private home theater for users.
Educational Projectors
Interactive and multimedia contents can be projected onto a big screen, making classes and lectures more interesting and fun for students.
Commercial Projectors
High brightness, great colors and clearly presented text, improving the efficiency of meetings.
Exhibition Projectors
Screen stitching, 3D, interactivity, providing a sensational big screen and immersive experience, presenting remarkable creative works to audiences.

Other Products