Based on its business philosophy of “High Software and Hardware Integration, One-stop Shop, Innovative Operation”, Qisda provides diversified smart solutions to satisfy the demands and services in the AIoT era.


The smart solutions of Qisda are based on its business philosophy of “High Software and Hardware Integration, One-stop Shop, Innovative Operation”, in order to provide six major integration fields: smart enterprise, smart energy, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart education, smart retail, spanning across 30 smart solutions and 10 main items of hardware equipment, thereby satisfying the demands and services in the IoT era.

Smart Enterprise
We provide enterprises with one-stop shopping IT solutions and are committed to building a modern IT operation structure for enterprise customers. The overall service scope includes: software and hardware integration, cloud & on-prem integration, IT environment hosting, ERP deployment & maintenance, AI and Big Data applications, RPA, BPM, HRM, MES, ESG Solutions and SaaS applications.
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  • AdvancedTEK
  • Grandsys
  • Dynasafe Technologies
Smart Energy
We uphold the notion of smart energy saving with love and care for our environment. We focus on energy-saving technologies, the scope of services includes air conditioning, air compression, heat recovery, lighting, power consumption management, uninterruptible power supply, energy storage, energy management, and IoT. Through sharing energy efficiency benefits, we have established long-term partnerships with customers. Accordingly, our goal is to improve customers‘ competitiveness through professional energy services, ensuring energy-saving benefits, reducing manpower burdens, and achieving ESG goals.
  • ACE Energy
Smart Healthcare
We provide medical care solutions integrated with ICT capabilities. Accordingly, we integrate automation, mobilization, hardware and software, with the smart hospital at its core, in order to utilize IoT/IoMT in the four major fields of smart medical consultation, quality care, smart surgical rooms, and green hospitals, thereby preventing and reducing errors. With the integration of the Dashboard application, precision and quality hospital operations can be achieved, and it can also be extended to smart care and healthy living of various medical sectors externally.
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Smart Manufacturing
With the advent of Industry 4.0 and the 'Low Carbon Transition', traditional factories are increasingly moving towards intelligent production. To achieve this goal and meet complex, small-batch production demands, 'automation' and 'intelligentization' have become crucial. Equipment stability, scalability, and the adoption of virtualization technology are essential for integrating ICT and OT. Additionally, the importance of OT cybersecurity has increased with the rapid development of the IoT. In the future, users in industrial automation will only need a single central processor to execute various operating systems, seamlessly integrating a vast amount of shared data for real-time monitoring, remote management, and providing cybersecurity defense. This not only enhances production efficiency, product quality, and process safety but also significantly reduces the time, manpower, and costs associated with infrastructure development, providing an ideal smart solution for automated factories.
  • DFI
  • Ace Pillar
Smart Education
We provide various digital tools to support the integration of IT in education and technology in teaching scenarios, and we also provide school administration systems, integrated smart classroom teaching service systems, teacher-student communication platforms, mobile applications, and campus security and resource monitoring. We focus on several key parties such as parents, teachers, students, administrative staff, technical engineers and policy stipulating staff. With such parties as our core, we establish innovative and smart overall solutions for campuses and technical architectures, and we also collect important key data, in order to head towards the direction of individualized learning and adaptive learning.
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  • MetaAge
Smart Retail
To satisfy the diverse hardware and one-stop shop demands for retailers, we provide integrated and highly-flexible POS systems, CMS, Kiosk, queuing systems, KDS, large commercial displays, projectors and peripheral equipment. In addition, for handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets, we also provide services for integrating various software systems such as CMS, Beacon technology and surveillance systems, in order to allow customers to effectively obtain store operation information in a timely manner, achieve precision marketing, interactive consumer behaviors, and improve brand competitiveness.
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